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  Да не знаток я, конечно, вот еще  :
St. Adelaide of Bellich
d. 1015Feastday: February 5
Abbess and miracle worker, the daughter of Megingoz, the count of Guelders, also called Alice. Adelaide entered the Ursuline Convent in Cologne. Her parents then founded the Convent of Villich near Bonan, and she became abbess there, introducing the Rule of St. Benedict to the community. Her holiness and the miracles attributed to her prompted St. Herbert, the archbishop of Cologne, to appoint Adelaide the abbess of St. Mary's Convent in his city. She succeeded her sister, Bertha, in that office. Adelaide at first refused this honor but was commanded by Emperor Otto II to become the abbess, and agreed. She did not give up her office in Villich, and continued to govern both religious communities. She died on February 5, 1015, in Cologne, but was buried in Villich.

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