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Отправлено Сергей Скоморохов 09:04:53 02/04/1999
в ответ на: Кто в курсе о еврейской Пасхе?, отправлено Фома 03:41:58 02/04/1999:

> Говорят, что в четверг евреи праздновали Пасху. Если это так, то где же канон о праздновании Пасхи христианской в воскресенье после иудейской? Получается, католики в этом году менее неправы? 
> Фома 
In the Christian churches of Asia Minor, where there were many 
Jews who had come to believe in Christ, the feast of Pascha was celebrated on the Jewish Passover, i.e. on the 14th day of Nisan, the first month 
of Spring. Western Christians, for whom Rome, capital of the Empire, was already a spiritual center in apostolic times, were largely converted 
pagans. It seemed to them inappropriate to celebrate Christian Pascha together with the Jewish Passover, since Christ’s Resurrection occurred 
after the Jewish Passover. Thus, in Western Churches there had already developed the tradition of celebrating Pascha on the first day after the 
first full moon of Spring. The two variant observances of Pascha, Eastern and Western, existed until the First Ecumenical Council, held in the city 
of Nicaea in Asia Minor in 325 AD, and attended by representatives of all of the local Christian churches, both East and West, decided on the 
day of celebration for Pascha. According to the decision of the Council, Christian Pascha must be celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full 
moon of the Spring, but always after the Passover of the Jews. The Eastern Church to this day strictly observes these rules set down by the first 
Ecumenical Council. The Western Church in its historical development has retained only the first part of this decision — to celebrate Pascha on the 
first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring; it no longer accords significance to whether Pascha is celebrated during or after the Passover of the 
Archpriest V. Potapov 
(Parish Life, April 1998) 
Наверно Евреи празднуют не один день Пасху; если так, то католики менее правы. 
Впрочем я не спец.  
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